April 11, 2012

Review: Dancing Butterflies

Description: Fake butterflies
Main Pitch: "Instantly beautify your home and bring your yard to life"
Main Offer: $14.99 for two plus marigold seeds
Bonus: 3rd one (just pay S&H)
Website: www.GetDancingButterfly.com
Prediction: Bomb

As I recently wrote in an update to the Divine Seven (due out in Response magazine any day now), if your product doesn't solve a problem, "only one thing can save it: Being really cool." Of course, what's considered "cool" is subject to personal taste, and it's risky to bet your money on your ability to guess what America will find cool. My bet is fake butterflies don't hit the bar.

As for the creative, I just had to comment on this line: "Dancing butterflies are solar-powered by the sun." As opposed to what?

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