March 26, 2012

Review: Power Press

Description: A pushup system
Main Pitch: "Maximize pushups like never before"
Main Offer: 2 payments of $19.99
Bonus: Workout schedule, DVD, cap, carrying bag
Prediction: On the fence

Technically, only one pushup device has ever been successful on DRTV: BodyRev's Perfect Pushup. You could argue that Ontel's Iron Gym was a pushup device, but I think pullups were what drove the response to that item. Meanwhile, several other pushup devices have failed, including one last year that had a pitch similar to this one (Allstar's Herschel Walker 360X, No. 5 on this Weekly Roundup).

The failure of any other pushup product to break through leads me to wonder whether this sub-category of fitness is a viable. To draw a strange comparison, Perfect Pushup could be to fitness what Swivel Store is to organization: a random outlier in a category with otherwise narrow success parameters.

Still, I plan to follow my own advice on outliers and wait a little longer before rendering a final verdict. If pushup products are indeed viable, this particular item should do well. Both the product and the creative are well done.

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