December 22, 2011

Weekly Round-Up

Although most of these are still live online, all are unlikely to be around for long and are 'posted for posterity.'

  1. Ab Assist. Pitch: "Get a toned, sexy body in minutes a day." Comments: One of the 50 ab items that will be tested in any given year. The lack of originality in the slogan and creative makes this highly unlikely to be the one that hits. [a]
  2. Germ Bloc. Pitch: "The ultimate germ barrier for your hands." Comments: Still more proof that the germaphobe market is not big enough to sustain a DRTV campaign. [a]
  3. Perfect Green. Marketer: NuWave. Pitch: "The only pan you'll ever need." Comments: Fourth to market with a me-too solution. [a]
  4. Pillow Puppets. Marketer: Vermont Teady Bear. Pitch: "The playful puppets you bring to life to create your own show." Comments: I used my Response magazine column this month to express my thoughts about Pillow Pets and "chasing outliers". No need for a rehash. At least Vermont Teddy Bear has experience in the category. If only they weren't 37th to market. [a]
  5. Sole Shapers. Pitch: "Turn any shoe into a toning shoe." Comments: Sneakers. Flip-flops. Insoles. And now "outsoles." Everything has been tried in short-form to replicate the success of Shape-Ups and similar shoes without success. This super-late entry makes even less sense given the bad PR, lawsuits and FTC actions that Skechers, Reebok and others have faced. [a]
  6. Stuffies. Pitch: "Secret pockets keep your child's treasures safe inside." Comments: Definitely the next Pillow Pets. [a]
  7. Twist and Tone. Pitch: "The complete handheld gym." Comments: I'll use this opportunity to confess that most fitness spots bore me. They all pitch the same thing. Making matters worse, this particular one features a lame attempt to one-up Shake Weight with a product that has one-fifth the credibility and usefulness. Prediction: Bomb. [a]


  1. I like Stuffies too. It is the next Pillow Nappers!

  2. Who wants a boring ol' Snuggie when you can get a CuddleUpPet? Fun for adults too!