June 29, 2011

Review: Garden Thug

Description: A pruning tool
Main Pitch: "The heavy duty muscle in a lightweight design"
Main Offer: $19.95 for one
Bonus: Free Amber Vision protective eyewear
Website: www.GardenThug.com
Prediction: Unlikely to succeed

Truly bizarre! This product for seniors is pitched using a rap video featuring a white grandma acting like a "gansta" (see below). It's sure to generate social-media buzz but, like all campaigns designed this way, also sure to deliver very few sales.

On a side note, I do like the idea of closing with "risk free" instead of a hard offer, especially when ultimate price is only $19.99. It's something worth testing. Also noted is the use of Telebrands' old Amber Vision brand on a pair of protective glasses. With IdeaVillage's HD Vision brand on its third successful line extension, it might not be as crazy an idea as it first appears.

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