May 06, 2011

In The News

Just got back from Response Expo in San Diego where my buddy Dean (shown above) just made the front page of the North County Times business section.

Here's the core of the article:

Some industry insiders have ... labeled the area [of North San Diego County and Southwest Riverside] as "Infomercial Alley," referring to a 35-mile long corridor that stretches from Carlsbad and Oceanside on the coast to San Marcos and Temecula on the inland side.

An estimated dozen or so companies are situated along the corridor and may generate more than $1 billion in annual revenue, according to estimates provided by many of the businesses. These firms range from developers of specific products ---- like the Pillow Pets ---- to warehouse distributors and media producers of the commercials ...

Several insiders interviewed couldn't cite specific reasons why these infomercial-related companies are here, but most say that it may relate to the balmy weather, and the trove of advertising and marketing experts living here as well.

It may also be related to the desire to live elsewhere instead of less-tony infomercial meccas established in Florida and New Jersey ----- considered by many to be the birthplace of the industry ---- or Riverside County's sweltering Coachella Valley, where leaders Guthy-Renker LLC and Thane International Inc. are based.

"Infomercial Alley"? I'm not sure about all that, but San Diego certainly is beautiful -- and I can see why DR professionals would prefer it to the Fairfield, NJ area (where I once lived and worked).

Anyway, congrats Dean.

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