March 14, 2011

Weekly Round-Up

I am way, way behind on my blogging, so here is an early round-up to help catch up. As far as I can tell, none of these items come from major players, and (to save time) I predict all are unlikely to succeed.

  1. Bandit Organizer. Description: A multipurpose organizer with elastic bands. Comments: A weak attempt to follow the success of Wonder File. [a]
  2. Clothes and Go. Description: A way to move clothes while on hangers. Comments: A solution in search of a problem. [a]
  3. Good-Bye Smell. Description: An anti-bacterial soap that also removes odor from hands. Comments: I don't hate the concept, but selling soap via DRTV is a non-starter. [a]
  4. Humpty Hat. Description: A winter hat that also protects your head from injury. Comments: Seasonal prevention? Double bomb! [a]
  5. Kiddie Catch-All. Description: A catch-all caddy that attaches to a kid's car seat. Comments: Wrong demographic for DRTV. Our target demographic has grandkids this age. [a]
  6. Kind Kollars. Description: Comfortable and customizable dog collars. Comments: A solution to a weak problem -- and the commercial was clearly shot for a foreign market. [a]
  7. Luxe Link. Description: A purse charm that transforms into a purse hook. Comments: The purse hook pitch has been tried twice before without success. Although this adds a twist, I don't see it being enough to overcome past history. [a]
  8. MD Alert. Description: A bracelet with a USB drive that contains important medical information. Comments: A technical product for older folks? Good luck. And what if emergency personnel don't happen to have a computer handy? [a]
  9. Mighty Jump. Description: A device that jump-starts your car. Comments: Another amateur production, and the item is too expensive -- especially for a prevention item that solves a rare problem. [a]
  10. My Solemate. Description: Soap and a pumice stone in one. Comments: Combining two ordinary products people can find anywhere is not a recipe for DR success. [a]
  11. Pedi Brush. Description: A long brush for cleaning feet. Comments: Amateur hour -- and the funniest DRTV opening since Ped Egg for Men (HT: Kevin A.) [a]
  12. Shimmer Strands. Description: Sparkling strings you weave into your hair. Comments: Wrong demographic for DRTV and also pure fashion, which never works without a solid problem/solution. [a]
  13. Top Toner. Description: An accordion-like exercise device. Comments: Too low-tech and simple for a fitness market dominated by products like Shake Weight. [a]
  14. Wonder Pour. Description: A pouring spout that attaches to any bowl. Comments: This is the third time this item has been tried on TV. It failed to launch as G-Spout and failed again as Pourtastic. In DR, the third time isn't the charm. [a]
  15. ZipCut Pro. Description: A fishing line cutter. Comments: Fishing items had their day, but you don't see them much anymore. Plus, this item is a solution to a weak problem. [a]

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