February 15, 2011

True Top Marketers of the Year

According to my (just published) True Top 50 of 2010, here are the true top marketers of the year (in order):

  1. IdeaVillage. Andy Khubani's firm moves up from No. 2 to No. 1 this year with a staggering nine True Top 50 hits. They are: Yoshi Blade, Slim Ts, Criss Angel Magic Kit, Depil Silk, HD Vision Ultras, Prayer Cross, Finishing Touch Jewel, MicroForce Max and Uglu. Wow! (As an aside, unlike last year where I made a distinction, I am counting "acquisitions" in the rankings this year. That's because acquiring hits has become a standard industry practice.)

  2. Telebrands. The godfather of the industry and its current ambassador, AJ Khubani delivered no less than seven Top 50 hits in 2010: Heel Tastic, Pasta Boat, Jupiter Jack, Perfect Fit Button, Crazy Critters, Chef Basket and Bark Off.

  3. Allstar. No. 1 last year with four Top 50 hits, this efficient hit machine rolled out another four Top 50 winners in 2010: Wonder File, Perfect Brownie, Topsy Turvy and Kangaroo Keeper.

Three other companies tied for fourth with two Top 50 hits each. They are:

  • Emson with EZ Cracker (a top 10 hit) and the Sonic Pet Trainer

  • Media Enterprises with the Sobakawa Pillow and Mighty Fixit

  • Hampton Direct with Pajama Jeans and Total Pillow

Congratulations to everyone on a great year!

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