January 05, 2011

It's Not All Good Press

Not all of the press AJ gets is good. To be fair, I am including this link to a recent NY Post article.

Two observations. First, the reporters' issue is not with AJ or Telebrands, but with a DRTV technique that has been around for decades. AJ is just taking the hit for the industry as a result of his high profile and the newsworthiness of the product.

Second, what some hourly customer service rep at a call center says is poor evidence of anything -- as anyone who has listened to their recorded calls can attest.

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  1. I agree with Jordan, the journalist wanted to write a negative article to begin with. Just because he would never buy an inexpensive $20 royal ring and wear it or give it does not mean that it should not be sold like any royal keepsake that has been sold to celebrate royal weddings for centuries. But fortunately, many people do.