December 01, 2010

Review: Itty Bitty Brella

Description: A tiny umbrella
Main Pitch: "Opens in your car"
Main Offer: $14.95 for one
Bonus: None
Prediction: Bomb

Amateur hour. This is also a terrible category for DR. I'm not even talking about the fact it's a crowded category. Umbrellas are an impulse item, but the impulse is usually generated by rain. And when it rains, you need an umbrella right then -- not in 4-6 weeks. Buying an umbrella long before it rains is a bit like prevention, so it better be a groundbreaking umbrella. A revolutionary umbrella. The last umbrella you'll ever need. A mini-umbrella, which can easily be found at retail, doesn't hit that bar.

Plus, while less umbrella is good inside the car, it's a problem outside the car. On rainy days in NYC, I see ladies getting soaked all the time. Their dainty, pretty umbrellas that fit in their handbag just don't do the job. My umbrella may be the size of a Scottish claymore and horribly inconvenient to lug around, but I don't get wet. Bottom line: This is one of those products that may actually create a problem instead of solving one. And what good is an umbrella that doesn't address the core problem an umbrella was meant to solve?


  1. God bless the boys from Hutton Miller, what a fine spot and good product. I wish the best of success this holiday season for them and their families.

  2. Amateur Journalism. This product is GENIUS!...just goes to show you that men are STILL from Mars and STILL do not understand, or know what women need & want!! And your comment, "easily found at retail" ??? NOT! To be such an 'expert',and consider yourself a journalist, you obviously have not done your homework...NO ONE has ever made an umbrella that allows the user to open INSIDE of a vehicle, subway, or bus, BEFORE stepping out, and there are no umbrellas that you can easily walk through a doorway, or get inside of a car, without collapsing it. Thank you, itty bitty brella for solving a long standing problem for keeping our hair and makeup in tact, which is all most women really care about clothes will is my hair and makeup that gets ruined if I get wet! Continued good luck and blessings to the itty bitty brella company!