August 31, 2010

Review: Soft Super Cooler

Description: A soft cooler that's also a versatile travel bag
Main Pitch: "It's like three bags for the price of one"
Main Offer: $69.95 for one w/ deluxe shoulder strap
Bonus: Reusable Techni Ice (just pay P&H)
Starring: Jeff Mancini, the inventor
Marketer: East Coast Fisherman Products
Prediction: Bomb

"Swiss Army knife" products don't work in short form (confusion is a sales killer), and $69.95 is about $40 too high for a DRTV spot. (For those who aren't regular readers, see this blog for explanations and evidence.)

Side note: This one was almost a "Dangers of DIY DR" post, except the creative wasn't all that bad. I have a soft spot for old-school pitches.


  1. I agree, the price is rather steep if it's going to be advertised on those "as seen on tv" type ads since that those buyers tend to be bargain shoppers.

  2. This man is an amateur combo of Vince from 'Shamwow' and Billy Mays. And the commercial is terrible: 'The amount of money I save on ice is amazing.' No one is budgeting $100+ a month on ice, gimme a break.

  3. Looks like a $20 cooler with a $2 freezer pack. For $70 plus exorbitant "processing".

  4. I purchased this cooler in June 2012 as a Father's Day gift for my Dad. I have yet to receive shipment from the company, I have an order number and everything. Every time I call them, the number rings repeatedly and then beeps like an answering machine. OR, it sounds like a fax machine. So, it is now November 2012, NO cooler and NO contact with anyone from this company. WTF