June 17, 2010

Vince Update

People are always asking me what Vince Offer is up to. Well, MTV has the answer ...

On Tuesday (June 15), Eminem unveiled a brand-new viral clip [above and here] for his upcoming Recovery album that features Vince Offer, the razor-faced pitchman otherwise known as the ShamWow! Guy ...

It seems that the entire hip-hop world is just discovering Offer .. just a few weeks back, Snoop Dogg paid tribute to Offer by working his Slap Chop spiel — 'Fettuccini, linguini, martini, bikini' — into his verse on Katy Perry's massive 'California Gurls.' And all of this is making us wonder: Is Offer poised to be hip-hop's next big star (or at least its next go-to posse member)? He's already got Em and Snoop in his corner, and there are several compelling reasons why he could make the leap from pitchman to hype man with ease.

The article goes on to list all the reasons why Vince fits right in with the rapper crowd (he "already has his own remix," he "loves his nuts," etc.)

Full story here.

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