January 09, 2010

Rounding Out the Year, Part 2

A special pan for cooking meatballs
Main Pitch: "The fast easy way to make mouthwatering meatballs that never sit in fat"
Main Offer: $19.95 for one with recipe guide
Bonus: Quick-prep food chopper
Marketer: Allstar Marketing
Producer: The Schwartz Group
S7 Score: 6 out of 7
Missing Qualities: Needed (?)
Comments: The score I gave this one is deceptive because I think the product is missing a critical quality: It doesn't solve a real problem. I won't pretend to speak for America, but I doubt imperfect meatballs are anything more than a minor nuisance to most people.

A stuffing-free squeak toy for dogs
Main Pitch: "Lies flat, and it doesn't have one bit of stuffing for your dog to get at"
Main Offer: $10 for the Flippy Fox
Bonus: Rascally Raccoon FREE (just
Marketer: Telebrands
Producer: Blue Moon Studios
Website: www.BuyCrazyCritters.com 
S7 Score: 5 out of 7
Missing Qualities: Needed, Different (?)
Comments: Excellent commercial. Bad product. It can be tempting to view pet products as one of those "anything will sell" categories, but there are limits. You still need to solve a real problem and have a point of difference that matters to people.

An ab exerciser
Main Pitch: "Fun, fast and most importantly, it works"
Main Offer: $49.95 for one
Exercise ball, three workout DVDs and a healthy eating guide
Marketer: Icon Health and Fitness
Website: www.GoldsGymAbs.com
S7 Score: 4 out of 7
Missing Qualities: Different, Uncrowded, Motivating (?)
Comments: Is the Gold's Gym brand worth this much of a premium? I think not. More to the point, this product isn't different enough or credible enough to become the next ab hit. To me, it's less innovative than previous solutions.

A fleece without a zipper
Main Pitch: "The super-stylish, cuddly shawl with sleeves"
Main Offer: $9.95 for one in black, periwinkle or plum
Bonus: Second one free (just pay additional P&H)
Marketer: Allstar
Website: www.GetChillAway.com
S7 Score: 4 out of 7
Missing Qualities: Needed, Different, Uncrowded (?)
Comments: It's clear this is meant to be a line extension to Snuggie, but this may be an extension too far. A fleece shawl with sleeves is really just a fleece without a zipper. I'm not sure why anyone would want that.

A simplified knitting system
Main Pitch: "The fast, fun and easy way to knit almost anything you can imagine"
Main Offer: $19.99 for several looms, finishing needle, hook tool and project booklet
Bonus: Project DVD
Marketer: Provo Craft & Novelty
Website: www.MyKnitter.com 
S7 Score: 4 out of 7
Missing Qualities: Needed, Targeted, Clear (?)
Comments: The craft category has a terrible history when it comes to DRTV. I think that's because the market is too narrow to sustain a rollout campaign. Add to that a slightly cheesy, too-young creative with a confusing offer, and you have a campaign that is highly unlikely to succeed.

Prepared by Lynda J. Moore.

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