August 25, 2009

Dangers of DIY DR II

If you thought yesterday's spot was bad, check this out!
(HT: Mark S.)

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Writing about Aspray, Mitch Lipka from Wallet Pop echoes a point I made recently about going too far with humor in advertising:

"The 'Doc Bottoms' Aspray' -- it's pronounced A-spray, though most certainly intended to be remembered for an alternative pronunciation -- seems more like a Saturday Night Live skit than a real product."

Lipka also reports on a consequence I didn't mention:

"MSNBC told the Washington Post the network aired the commercial once in the overnight hours and will never air it again."


  1. Why would you mock this ad, its getting more FREE publicity than any other DRTV spot ever. I guess you have all the answers, and are privy to what makes a successful Drtv spot...... when only 1 in 50 make it. LOL, everyone has the answers but noone can guarantee a hit in this industry! Nah, this is a closed minded opinion from someone who knows no more than the guy selling hot dogs at the fair. Your like an art critic, you tell people what they see without doing the research yourself. Who are you anyway...hhahahahh.hardee harahara..blogger...hahahhheeeeeee

  2. The Coward Threatens When He is Safe!