June 01, 2009

Guest Review: Pedi Pistol

Description: Home pedicure tool with extra long reach and five different heads that do everything from remove calluses to polish your toenails
Main Pitch: "Salon perfect pedicures without bending or straining"
Main Offer: $19.95 for the motorized tool (no batteries) and five attachments
Bonus: Second unit plus Miracle Foot Repair Cream (just pay separate S&H)
Website: www.PediPistol.com

By John Miller & Peter Hutton (more)

As far as home pedicure systems are concerned, this product is unique in its shape and design. But that’s where the uniqueness ends.

First of all, this is not really a problem or, more to the point, this offered solution isn’t really a solution. The commercial still shows everyone extending their arms (dare we say “stretching”) to reach their toes. This product is really only saving you a few extra inches. In other words (no groans please), this solution is a ‘stretch.’

Another big concern for us is the name. Would anyone really want to pedicure his or her feet with a pistol?! Sounds borderline dangerous, particularly when coupled with the dentist drill sound it makes. A better name would have been something tied into the positioning, like “Pedi Reach.”

The testimonials lack credibility overall and are not really complementing the commercial. We’re pretty sure that the last thing a woman who is nine months pregnant wants to do is her own pedicure.

Finally, and most significantly, do people truly believe that they can give themselves a ‘professional’ pedicure at home? This whole process looks complicated, and the results look difficult to achieve. With five different attachments, we suspect this is going to appear pretty intimidating to the end user.

It’s no secret that the Ped Egg was one of the biggest DR hits of all time. The product solved a unique, real problem, and it looked easy to use. This product does not solve a unique problem, and it certainly doesn’t look easy to use.

Our gut feeling: We’re pretty sure Pedi Pistol is going to shoot blanks.

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