April 07, 2009

Review: Handy Valet

Description: Armchair organizer with a built-in tray and light
Main Pitch: "Eliminates clutter and keeps everything you need within easy reach"
Main Offer: $19.95 for one
Bonus: Second one free (just pay separate P&H)
Marketer: Allstar
Producer: Blue Moon Studios
Website: www.HandyValet.com
Product (D7) Score: 6 out of 7
Commercial Rating: Good/Excellent

This product has a lot going for it. It has mass appeal, solves quite a few everyday problems and is the right kind of item for the DRTV market. Its only shortcomings are that it's not super-exciting (no magic demo here), and it may not be different enough from all the low-cost, similar items already in catalogs (e.g. this one for $14.98 in the Get Organized! catalog). The light is a smart addition, but it might not be compelling enough.

As for the commercial, it's darn-near perfect. The only reason I didn't give it my highest rating is because of the product. Because it wasn't exciting, the commercial didn't have a chance to impress. Technically, however, this is top-notch work from Blue Moon once again.

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