February 27, 2009

Review: Easy Bake Sheet

Description: Silicon baking pan
Main Pitch: "Bake food evenly without the
sticky mess"
Main Offer: $14.95 for one tray plus the book, "50 Better Baking Recipes"
Bonus: Titan Peeler plus a second tray
(just pay S&H)
Marketer: Tristar Products
Website: www.EasyBakeSheet.com
Product (D7) Score: 5 out of 7
Commercial Rating: Good

My thoughts on this product are the same as my thoughts on Harvest Direct's Sili Strong, since the items are similar. In my December review of the product, I wrote that silicon bakeware "has some potential," but worried that it's too "widely available at retail, and most people get by fine with their regular bakeware and some tinfoil." This product has a much better name, but it faces the same challenges.

As for the commercial, it did a better job selling me on the product than the Sili Strong spot, but I still found a few areas for improvement. Both spots focused too much on the strength of the pan, in my opinion, when it's really the "no-stick" message that's compelling. For example, this commercial's magic demo is the pan supporting a dumbbell. I'm not sure why that's important. Instead, I would have loved to have seen a "torture test" where the stickiest mess imaginable is baked in and then, like magic, slides right of the pan with no residue left behind.

I also think the color choices for both products is odd. Red seems to be the favorite color. This product also comes in teal. For some reason, those colors make the product seem less credible. Why not just go with "pan gray"?

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