September 18, 2007

New This Week: Tite-Grip, The Koolie, Dr. Frank’s for Dogs & Cats

Here are the latest items to air on DRTV:

1. TITE-GRIP ($39.99) is a floor mat for cars with locking anchors, so it won’t slip or bunch up. The offer includes four mats: two front mats and two matching rear utility mats. The bonus is an Odor Out gift package that includes a vent deodorizer, air spray and interior spray.
Product (D7) Score: 4 out of 7
(What’s “D7”?)
Pros: Mass market, age appropriate, easily explained, credible
Cons: Not unique, doesn’t solve a painful problem, priced too high for DRTV

2. THE KOOLIE ($19.95) is an ice pack designed to keep babies and small children cool when they’re in the car. The pitch: “Helps prevent heat stroke or worse” by keeping “your child cool and comfortable in the hottest of situations.” The bonus is a Head Cool Pack.
Product (D7) Score: 2 out of 7 (What’s “D7”?)
Pros: Priced right, easily explained
Cons: Not unique or mass market, does not solve a real problem, limited appeal to older people, credibility issues
Comments: It’s a cliché, but it’s true: “Prevention doesn’t sell.” Also, the problem this product is trying to address is the news of small children dying from being left in hot cars. But I think most people attribute that to evil parents and don’t think of it as a problem they need to worry about. Lastly, this is really just an ice pack with a fancy name.

3. DR. FRANK’S JOINT PAIN RELIEF FOR DOGS & CATS ($19.95) is an all-natural spray supplement for older pets. However, it's supposed to be sprayed into the pet’s food, not its mouth. The main claim: “Your pets can live pain free.” The offer includes one 200-spray bottle. The bonus is a free upgrade to the 400-spray bottle.
Product (D7) Score: 6 out of 7 (What’s “D7”?)
Pros: Unique, solves a problem, priced right, appeals to older people, easily explained, credible
Cons: Not mass market
Comments: This product has one major limitation: It's only for people with older dogs & cats. That said, a Telebrands product targeting the same market — Doggy Steps – did very well last year.

Sources: “New Spots for Week Ending 9/14/07,” IMS

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