August 27, 2007

New This Week: Invisi-Lifts, Invisible Shield, Insta Bag and more

Here’s a quick update on the latest DRTV commercials to air:

1. INVISI-LIFTS ($19.99) are transparent adhesive strips that provide an “instant breast lift.” The offer includes 10 strips and 10 nipple covers – then they double the offer to 20 and 20. The bonus is a three-pack of sunless tanning cloths.
Product (D7) Score: 4 out of 7 (What’s “D7”?)
Comments: This is a mass-market product that solves a common problem for women, two important strengths when considering a product for DRTV. However, this product also has several weaknesses that will make it a tough sell. One is the value: $20 for a set of adhesive strips is pretty steep. This offer has a perceived value of $10 tops. Another issue is credibility: Will it stay stuck? is the big question that will generate doubt in women’s minds and kill the sale.

2. INVISIBLE SHIELD ($29.95) is a clear protective cover that goes over iPods, PDAs and other electronic devices. The slogan: “Scratch proof your digital life!” The offer includes a lifetime guarantee. The bonuses are a microfiber carrying case and a dashboard stick pad.
Product (D7) Score: 5 out of 7 (What’s “D7”?)
Comments: This product has a lot going for it: It’s unique, appeals to a large market and solves a problem. The stakes are high when you spend $300 on a device, and a little extra insurance isn’t a bad idea. However, this product is not right for DRTV for one major reason: The target demographic. DRTV buyers are typically 50+. Heavy iPod, PDA and electronic device users, well, aren’t. In addition, the price is $10 too high for the value-conscious DRTV buyer.

3. INSTA BAG ($14.99) is a luggage-style folding bag with wheels. The main claim: “It goes from tiny (pocketbook size) t0 huge (24x12) in seconds” and can “hold over 30 lbs.” The bonus is the ThermoBag, which is a soft cooler for drinks.
Product (D7) Score: 6 out of 7 (What’s “D7”?)
Comments: This product only has one weakness. Otherwise, it meets all the criteria for a successful DRTV item. Unfortunately, that weakness is a significant one: It doesn’t solve a common/frequent enough problem. This is one of those products that seems great until you try to imagine when and why someone would use it. The usage occasions just aren’t strong enough.

4. SMART MONEY CLIP ($19.95) is a metal money clip with a credit card holder on the back. The bonus is the Smart Pocket, a pocket that clips onto your belt.
Product (D7) Score: 3 out of 7 (What’s “D7”?)
Comments: This product is easy to understand, appeals to older people and is credible. It is not, however, a DRTV product. Two big problems are its uniqueness (money clips are everywhere) and its perceived value (they cost about half the price).

Sources: “New Spots for Week Ending 8/24/07,” IMS

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