July 06, 2007

New Items: Body Wedge, Ab Complete, The Shade and more

Here's what's new in the short-form world this week:

1. BODY WEDGE 21 ($21) is an inflatable wedge used for doing ab exercises and other core strengthening routines. The main claim: Use it for “just 21 minutes a day to get the body of a 21 year old in just 21 days.” The offer includes a nutritional guide. The bonus is a DVD of “Advanced Tips and Techniques.” Comes with optional resistance bands. This is a Telebrands item. www.Bodywedge21.com
Comments: Unlikely to succeed. It’s hard to make a multi-use exercise item like this work in short-form. If it were tightly focused on abs, it might have a better shot. But abs is a crowded category right now with The Bean and Hip Hops Abs topping the infomercial charts.

2. AB COMPLETE ($1 Trial) is an ab machine that works like a rocking chair, providing resistance on the way down. The main claim: “With its amazing 4 in 1 Reverse Super Sculpt, [it] will shrink your waist 4 times faster than any other exercise machine on the market.” The offer is a $1 trial with free shipping. www.AbComplete.com
Comments: Unlikely to succeed. The product isn’t unique enough and, as mentioned above, the airwaves are crowded with competing ab products right now.

3. THE SHADE ($19.95) is a sun shade for a car’s windshield. It’s retractable and pleated (accordion-style). The main claim: It “keeps your car up to 60 degrees cooler.” The bonus is a “grip and go” all-weather velour steering wheel cover. www.BuyDashProducts.com
Comments: Might just work. Allstar’s Auto Cool was a major hit last summer, partly because of a major heat wave in the Northeast. This summer, temperatures are again topping 100 degrees. That said, this product is a lot less unique than Auto Cool. With the exception of it being mountable and retractable, people may wonder what real advantage it offers over traditional (and cheaper) auto shades.

4. REJUVENELLE (Free Trial) is a wrinkle cream. The main claim: It “reduces existing wrinkles and prevents new ones.” The offer is a free trial, just pay $9.95 S&H. The bonus is a dark circle under-eye treatment. www.GoAwayWrinkles.com
Comments: There is nothing to differentiate this product from all the other wrinkle creams on the market.

5. LOVIDO (Free Trial) is a male potency product from Norway. The main claim: “Helps boost sexual drive, stamina and energy.” The offer is a free trial, just pay $6.95 S&H. www.Lovido.com
Comments: The commercial lacks credibility. There is no reason to believe this product works or that’s it different from the male potency scams out there.

6. LACTAGEN (Free Trial) is a treatment for lactose intolerance. It’s a one-time, 38-day program that’s backed by medical and clinical trials. The main claim: “Enjoy dairy again without the worry and pain of symptoms.” The offer is a free trial, just pay $8.95 S&H. The bonus is a coupon for a free ice cream. www.EnjoyDairy.com
Comments: May work in a narrow way. Lactose intolerance isn’t a mass market problem, but for the people that have it, this product’s promise is unique and intriguing. One potential turn-off: After the 30-day trial, customers are billed three payments of $39.95.

7. RE-GRO (Free Trial) is a hair re-growth system for African American women. The bonus is a free scalp moisturizer. www.MyRegro.com
Comments: May work in a narrow way. There are two stations that this will work on especially well.

8. PUPPY STAIRS (Free Trial) is a knock-off of Telebrands’ Doggy Steps. This product comes in a variety of styles, including stairs, ramps and cubes. The main claim: Helps “dogs, cats, kittens and other pets get on and off sofas and beds safely.” The offer is a free trial. The bonus is a pet pillow cover. www.PuppyStairs.com
Comments: Unlikely to succeed. Besides being second to market, this product offers no advantage over Doggy Steps. Additionally, this company is offering a bewildering array of products with different fabric options that’s sure to confuse and dissuade anyone but the most motivated prospect.

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