May 28, 2007

Weekly Round-Up

From the Pre-Blog Archives

  1. GRABIT ($19.95) is a two-sided drill bit that removes damaged screws and bolts. The offer includes four bits in different sizes. Comments: Great item, tough sale on DRTV. For one, damaged screw removers are available at retail for lower prices. It's also hard to make four drill bits look like the kind of value necessary to get people off the couch. And then there's the problem this solves: It's painful when it happens, but how often does it happen for the everyday Joe?
  3. HEALTHY TAP ($4.95) is a small filter bag that improves the taste and quality of a gallon of tap water. According to the makers, "the ingredients in the filter bag immediately drive off the chlorine, improve the taste, and add trace minerals to the water." The offer includes two packages of 30 filters (60 filters total). The bonuses are a slim-line water jug for the refrigerator, a book on healthy water and a one-year newsletter subscription. Comments: Prediction? Bomb. The commercial is terrible. The product has a major credibility problem. And no one cares enough about water to want a monthly newsletter on the topic!

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