April 02, 2007

Weekly Round-Up

From the Pre-Blog Archives

  1. PRO-FORM ABS ($14.95) is an ab machine in the form of an inclined bench. The offer includes a workout DVD and eating guide. The bonus is free shipping, and they also offer a half-off deal on their Flex-Band Resistance System, which attaches to the bench and lets the user do arm exercises.

    Comments: This is a crowded category. However, an ab machine of this quality at under $20 would capture all the people who want these products but are unwilling to pay the high prices for them. I say "would" because the price point is a scam. I went to the Web site and saw two conflicting prices. The list price is $114.95, but the site also mentions the $14.95 price with a phone number to call. When I called, I discovered the catch: a) You have to apply for one of their credit cards; b) $14.95 is only your first payment, then you pay $3 per month until you pay off the $114.95. Since the interest is probably super-high and front-loaded, that means the customer will be on the hook for the rest of his or her life.

There was just one item of note this week.

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